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ATSI's engineering staff can provide custom design services to industrial and consumer product markets.

Custom Test Equipment

ATSI can work with you to design a custom tester to your specifications. We can provide a complete turnkey solution including engineering specification, R&D, and manufacturing of the final product.

Embedded Systems Design

8,16, and 32-bit microcontrollers
Imaging Applications
Signal Conditioning
Wireless Applications
Mixed Signal Systems
PCB Layout
Complete documentation package including schematics, BOM, photoplot (Gerber) files, and 2D/3D mechanical assembly files.

Firmware/Software Development

Firmware and software development includes:

Custom application programming for Windows including software for control and communication with embedded devices.
Custom firmware development using C, C++, assembly languages for Motorola, Microchip, TI, and ARM-based microcontrollers.

This is just a brief list of our engineering capabilities contact us today to learn more.

Engineering and Design Services

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