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The Latest Generation of Conflict Monitor Tester!

Now With FYA Testing!

PCMT 8000

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The PCMT 8000 uses less harnesses to test the same amount of
monitor types as previous tester models, has integrated
Port1/SDLC testing capability, now has Flashing Yellow Arrow Tests
and retains the ease-of-use of the Windows setup and operating
software that has been enhanced to be even more user-friendly!
PCMT 8000 Cables
Software Updates Include...
*Test descriptions can now be seen on-screen as the test is running.

*Test reports can be saved in terse, verbose or both formats.

-The verbose format will include the same test descriptions that are seen while the test is running.  
-The terse format will only show the name of each test and the pass/fail result. *The software now features a much cleaner interface, making operation easier for infrequent users. *The font size of saved reports can be user adjusted to help reduce the  number of pages in the test report or
increase readability.
*The software will alert the user if the wrong cable is being used and if the connectors are plugged in correctly.
*Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) testing of NEMA standard monitors is available for the PCMT 8000 as of 07/24/14.
Click on the Software or Firmware buttons above to upgrade your existing PCMT 8000. (Caltrans monitors
currently lack standards for the FYA functions so tests are not yet available)

Less Cables-Same Amount of Testing Capability...

* There is now one cable for testing either TS1 12 Channel monitors or TS2 16 Channel MMUs.

*One cable will test all 210/2010/170/2070 monitors as well as the LADOT/NCDOT modified monitors.

*The need for a USB to Serial Adapter has been eliminated now that the tester now has a built-in USB port.

*The PCMT 8000 is smart enough to know what cable is plugged in and provide

testing options based on the monitor standards.

*We will take your older models of conflict monitor testers and ATSI monitor cables in trade towards the PCMT 8000!

*Order the Certification Course with a new PCMT 8000 and get a discount on the course!

*The PCMT 8000 is housed in the same rugged enclosure as the PCMT 2600 and uses the same carrying cases seen below.
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