Test Equipment for Traffic Signal Control Systems

Compatible with any SIU that conforms to the ATC 5301 v02.02 Model 2218 SIU standards.

The ASIT-5500 (tester) will run a series of comprehensive tests on the SIU to verify that it is functioning in compliance with the ATC standard. The ATC standard that defines SIU operation is a joint publication of NEMA, AASHTO and ITE. The tests are subject to the limitations of what is feasible and practical in a simulated testing environment.

The following functions will be tested to ensure compliance with the ATC Cabinet Standard (ATC 5301 v02.02).
● Proper supply voltage and current management
● Correct input/output functionality
● Working communications/SIU frames
● Correct Linesync/NRESET/Addressing acknowledgement

The Tester connects to a Windows based computer with a USB connection. The ASIT-5500 Test Manager software controls the Tester and allows the users to run manual or automated tests.

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ASIT 5500 Tester