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BIUT-820 Software and Firmware Downloads


BIUT 820 Interface Software
Version 1.4 exe
Version 1.4 Zip

Biut 820 Tester Firmware
Version 2.0 exe
Version 2.0 Zip

USB Driver
For Windows 7 & Newer (including 10)

For Windows XP and Vista

ASPT 5300 Software & Firmware

ASPT Software
ASPT Interface Software EXE

ASPT Interface Software ZIP

ASPT Firmware

ASPT - 5300 v.2 Firmware (ZIP) 

Product Firmware and Software Downloads

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TS2 Frame Grabber "FrameView" Software

Interface Software
FrameView v1.2 (.exe, 5.0MB)
FrameView v1.2 (.zip, 4.6MB)

Windows 7, 8, and 10 32/64 bit driver

Once you have installed the FrameView software, open the software, click on Help, then click on Memory Token Reader and then on USB Driver Installation. Follow the instructions there to install the driver.