Test Equipment for Traffic Signal Control Systems

Athens Technical Specialists, Inc. 


Due to a shortage of parts, the HILT-9000 is in the process of being replaced with the HILT-9300.

The expected availability date for the HILT-9300 is the second quarter of 2024.

The HILT-9300 will include the following functions (specifications are subject to change):

  • Loop inductance measurement
  • Change in inductance measurement (delta L)
  • Loop DC resistance
  • Loop quality factor (Q)
  • User programmable loop frequency
  • Integrated Megohmmeter 
  • Integrated Loop Finder (The LF-22 will still be offered as a separate product.)

If you would like a quote, please contact ATSI or your local distributor. The quotation will be sent once pricing is available.



HILT-9300 Handheld Inductive Loop Tester

Coming soon!