Test Equipment for Traffic Signal Control Systems

Athens Technical Specialists, Inc. 

The Loop Test Kit is carried in a sturdy, injection-molded plastic carrying case designed to hold the HILT-9300 Inductive Loop Tester, the LF-22 Loop Finder, the adjustable telescopic pole, and all necessary probes. 

        HILT-9300 Inductive Loop Tester

● Measure L, Q and Rdc of the loop

● Measure inductance change (∆L)

● Measure loop operating parameters

● Measure insulation resistance (MΩ) ​

                    LF-22 Loop Finder
● Locate loops that have been paved over
● Identify loops that emit a weak field
● Visual indication of field strength
● Adjustable telescopic pole for ease of 

Handheld Inductive Loop Test Kit

The Handheld Inductive Loop Test Kit includes all the tools necessary to locate, test, and measure the parameters of inductive loops used in the Traffic Signal, Vehicle Data Collection, and Parking Industries.