The PCMT-8800 performs comprehensive testing of various types of conflict monitors to ensure that they are functioning in accordance with the requirements of the applicable published standard.

The following monitor types may be tested:
NEMA TS1 3, 6, 12 18 Channel
NEMA TS2 (MMUs) 12 or 16 Channel Mode
NEMA TS2 MMU 8 Channel (Canada)
System 170 Type 210 16 or 18 Channel
System 2070 Type 2010 16 Channel
LADOT Model 2018

Operating the PCMT-8800 requires the Test Manager Software to be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or later. The computer controls the testing sequence by sending commands to the PCMT over a USB connection.

The PCMT-8800 provides input signals to the conflict monitor and verifies that it responds correctly to simulated conditions that may occur in a traffic signal control cabinet.

The PCMT-8800 may be used as a bench-top unit, or it may be mounted in a standard 19" rackmount enclosure. For multi-unit systems, one computer can control multiple PCMTs to enable simultaneous testing of many monitors.

An optional carrying case is also available for those users who must perform field testing of monitors.

PCMT 8800

Conflict Monitor Tester

PCMT 8000

Test Equipment for Traffic Signal Control Systems

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