ASPT 5300 Tester

The ASPT-5300 ATC Cabinet Switch Pack Tester (HV) will run a series of comprehensive tests on the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU. The Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU is an important component in the ATC Cabinet Monitoring System.
The Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU not only provides field output drivers, but also monitors the voltage and current for each of the field outputs. These voltage and current measurements are reported back to the Cabinet Monitor Unit (CMU) over a serial bus connection. The role of the CMU is to transfer the cabinet to a flashing control mode if an unsafe condition is detected. In order for the CMU to reliably detect unsafe conditions, it is critical that the voltage and current measurements reported by the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU are accurate. The ATC Cabinet Standard (ATC 5301) requires that the voltage and current measurements be accurate to ± 2% regardless of phase or wave-shape. The only way to ensure that each unit meets these requirements is through periodic testing.

The ASPT-5300 will run a series of tests on the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU.

The following functions will be tested to ensure compliance with the ATC Cabinet Standard (ATC 5301).
● Proper functioning of Serial Bus #3
● Proper functioning in switch pack mode and flasher mode
● Output operation
● Accurate voltage and current measurement (± 2%, ref: ATC-5301,,

● Test Manager Software Application for Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones
● Compatible with USB or wireless connection
● Optional barcode scanning for fast entering of device serial numbers

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ATC Cabinet CMU Tester

The CMU is the primary component of the ATC Cabinet monitoring system. Proper functioning of the CMU is of critical importance if safe operation of the cabinet is to be maintained. If the CMU is not functioning properly, a cabinet malfunction may go undetected, putting the public at great risk. This is why it is important to conduct periodic testing of each CMU.

The ACMT-5000 CMU Tester will run a series of comprehensive tests on the CMU to verify that it is functioning in compliance with the published standard. The tester is compatible with both the high voltage and low voltage CMU models (CMU-2212-HV and CMU-2212-LV). The CMU under test plugs into a slot in the front of the tester. No external cables or fixtures are required.

The tester connects to a PC or laptop with a USB connection. After each CMU test, a detailed test report is generated in PDF format. The test report may be saved in long detailed format or in a condensed version.The tester is housed in a standard 19" rackmount type enclosure. Optional rugged carrying cases are available for ease of transport when testing at the intersection.

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