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The ATSI SST-450 Surge Suppressor Tester is designed to quickly and easily test all commonly used transient voltage suppressors: metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), gas-discharge tubes (GDTs), silicon avalanche diodes (SADs), thyristor surge protective devices (TSPDs), and hybrid devices.

The Virtual Cabinet (TVC-3800) The Graphical Intersection Interface allows the user to choose from existing layouts or to draw their own intersection layout. The TS2 Frame Grabber allows technicians to view, sort, and analyze all SDLC frames that were transmitted up to 30 minutes prior.

The LST-650 NEMA Load Switch Tester (Tester) is an automated tester designed to test Load Switches
used in traffic signal installations conforming with NEMA Specifications.

The ATSI HILT-Kit is easy to use, with quick and accurate tools designed to test and measure the parameters of inductive loops used in the Traffic Signal, Vehicle Data Collection, and Parking industries.

The PCMT 8000 uses less harnesses to test the same amount of monitor types as previous tester models, has integrated Port1/SDLC testing capability, now has Flashing Yellow Arrow Tests and retains the ease-of-use of the Windows setup and operating software that has been enhanced to be even more user-friendly!

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The ASIT-5500 (tester) will run a series of comprehensive tests on the SIU to verify that it is functioning in compliance with the ATC standard. The ATC standard that defines SIU operation is a joint publication of NEMA, AASHTO and ITE. The tests are subject to the limitations of what is feasible and practical in a simulated testing environment.

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The CMU is the primary component of the ATC Cabinet monitoring system. Proper functioning of the CMU is of critical importance if safe operation of the cabinet is to be maintained. If the CMU is not functioning properly, a cabinet malfunction may go undetected, putting the public at great risk. 

Testing to insure public safety

ASPT 5300

Our Online Training and certification courses cover the PCMT 8000.
Training qualifies for TARP Points for IMSA Members!

CMU Tester
ASIT 5500

Where do you keep your big box of suspect BIUs; under your desk or tucked nicely out of sight on that dusty old shelf?  No longer do traffic signal techs have to play the "BIU Swap Game"!  Quickly and reliably check any BIU with the BIUT-820 which provides comprehensive, fully automated testing in the field or at the shop.

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The ASPT-5300 ATC Cabinet Switch Pack Tester (HV) will run a series of comprehensive tests on the Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU. The Model 2202-HV HDSP/FU is an important component in the ATC Cabinet Monitoring System.